Titanic victims died of hunger

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- Tooth marks on cork and collapsible lifeboat tell grim tale - Liner found three -

New York, May 16.- Bits of cork in their mouths and tooth marks on the cork and wood portions of the boat indicated that starvation killed the three Titanic victims whose bodies were in a Titanic collapsible lifeboat picked up by the White Star liner Oceanic, which arrived here today.

Two of the bodies were secured to thwarts by pieces of chains. The body of a cabin passenger was identified by the clothing as that of Thompson Beattie, Chicago. The other two were members of the crew.

A fur coat with the name Williams inside the pocket and a woman's ring inscribed "Edward to Cerda," indicated that there had been others in the lifeboat. The bodies were buried at sea.

White Star line officials say that the lifeboat is that mentioned by Third Officer Lowe of the Titanic, who said he left three bodies in the lifeboat of which he had charge when his 21 passengers were transferred to the Carpathia. This does not conform with the evidence of starvation."

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