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Edgar J. Meyer Left $542,242 to Widow and Baby
The accounting of the estate of Edgar J. Meyer, member of the Stock Exchange brokerage house of Eugene Meyer, Jr., & Co., at the time of his death on the Titanic, has been completed and will be filed in a few days in the Surrogates' Court by the executors, Eugene Meyer, Jr., and Edgar J. Meyer. It shows a total principal of $542,242.

The entire estate goes to the widow, now Mrs. Leila S. Ranger of 970 Park Avenue, and her infant daughter, Jane Meyer. Payments to the widow for her benefit and that of her daughter, amounting to $169,928, have been made. The yearly income, May 25, 1912, to May 25, 1913, amounted to $23,815, of which $14,067 had been paid to the widow, according to the report.

The rest of the estate, which constitutes a trust fund, turned over by the executors to themselves as trustees, amounts to $342,291. There is inexpended cash in the executors' hands amounting to $3,781, the report shows. The debts of the estate amounted to $17,740, and the transfer tax was $8,500.

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