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C. F. Gregory Asks for Letters---Smart's Children Not Found
Clarence F. Gregory of 3,675 Broadway asked the Surrogate yesterday to grant him letters testamentary upon the estate of J. Montgomery Smart, who perished in the Titanic disaster of April 15, 1912. Mr. Gregory holds a power of attorney executed by Jeremiah Twomey of Melbourne, Australia, one of the legatees under Mr. Smart's will.

Mr. Smart was President of the Americon [sic] Cold Storage and Shipping Company. He was a widower with two children,
a son, 20 years old, and a daughter, 18 years old. When Mr. Smart sailed on the Titanic he had all his personal papers with him in a trunk. They were all lost and there was no way of telling the whereabouts of his two children. It was believed that they were in some European school, and a wide search was made for them.

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