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Sorrowful scenes were witnessed at Smithdown road Cemetery, yesterday afternoon, when there were interred the remains of Mr. Alfred Rowe, a first class passenger who went down on the Titanic. Fifty-nine ears of age the deceased gentleman was the fourth son of the late Mr. John James Rowe of Dinglefield, Liverpool, and in 1901 he was married to a daughter of the late Dr. Henry Kingsley. With the widow and her three young children the deepest sympathy has been extended in a most tragic bereavement.

Educated at Cheltenham College under Bishop Barry and afterwards on the Continent, Mr Rowe had for some years resided in London, and had become a pioneer in cattle farming in the far Western States of America. Success attended him in this enterprise, and it was in fulfilment of a custom of visiting his distant property for a few weeks every year that he happened to be aboard the ill-fated ship, and was one of the thousand-odd voyagers who perished. The MacKay Bennett funeral ship recovered his body from the water and at the request of the Liverpool relatives it was brought to this country on the Empress of Britain.

Curiosity and sympathy were strangely intermingled in the demeanour of the spectators , the most of whom were women, who watched the arrival of the cortege outside the cemetery, and the much denser crowds who had assembled within the gates. Several constables were on duty and had to keep an open access for the mourners to the family grave which is situated at the foot of the slope near the church. Several wreaths were sent by relatives and intimate friends and the grave itself was plentifully bedecked with evergreens, bluebells and forget-me-nots. The Rev. W. C. Sims, of St. Anne's, Algburth, impressively conducted the service. The coffin, massive in size and covered with a dark coloured cloth was carried by six-bearers.

The chief mourners were Mr. and Mrs. C. Graham Rowe, the Misses Rowe, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Rowe, Mr. and Mrs. H. Vincent Rowe, Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Rowe, Mr. V. B. Rowe, Mrs. Dill (sister), Captain M. Graham Dill, Mr. M. E. Hughes-Hughes (brother-in-law), Mrs. Charles James Rowe, Mr. George D. Rowe, Mr. J. Maclean Graham and Miss Graham (cousins), Mrs. Preedy (sister-in-law), Mr. V. B. Brown (nephew) and Mr. R. H. Symods-Taylor.

Other mourners presentwere Canon ? ford and ? the Rev. W. I. Ad?. Colonel Forbes Bell, Messrs. E. Lawrence, ? Lawrence, John L Hunter, T. Munca? Jones, Arthur J. Steel, W. G. Aikman, J. ? Roger, Noel Goldie, John Tod, Al? Cunningham, Frank Edmondson, W. Wil?, Charles Haddock, Joseph Hoey, and F. ? Roberts Smith.

Carriages were sent by Mr. Bellr? Howarth, Mr. Herbert Rowe, Mr. D. ? Irvine and Mr. Robert Allan.

Messrs. Woollright and Co. Bold street, ? charge on the funeral arrangements.

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