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Elizabeth Man Strangely Disappears After Learning of Her Death at Sea
ELIZABETH, April 21---Benjamin Peacock, of 609 South Broad street, who lost his wife and two children in the Titanic disaster, disappeared on Friday at noon and has not been seen since. He was in a distracted condition since he learned that his wife and children were not among those rescued by the Carpathia. It is feared that his mind may have been seriously affected.

Mrs. Lillian Reniff, one of the Titanic survivors, is in a serious condition at the home of Mrs. Henry Bull, of 237 Baltic street. Her husband, two brothers and a cousin were lost in the tragedy, but her condition is such that she has not been told that they were not among the rescued.

Mrs. Thomas Cuffe, of 148 Livingston street, learned yesterday that he sister, Miss Julia Barry, of 14 West Thirty-second street, New York, went down with the Titanic.

[Note: Articles from the Elizabeth Daily Journal identify Charles Cann as the unnamed cousin mentioned in the second paragraph.]


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