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Olsen Was on Way Here With Norway Inheritance in His Trunk
Letters of administration were granted to-day by Surrogate Ketcham of Brooklyn to Mrs. Esther Olsen of No. 400 Suydam Street, Brooklyn, widow of a victim of the Titanic.

In her petition Mrs. Olsen recited that her husband, Charles Olsen, had been in Norway settling his father's estate, accompanied by his nine-year-old son Arthur, who was saved. His share of the estate, $1,000, was in his baggage, which went down with the ship.

Mrs. Olsen declares that her husband leaves no estate except a cause of action against the International Mercantile Marine, as owner of the White Star line, and she secured the letters of administration that she might enter suit for $100,000 for the loss of her husband. This suit, she said, would be filed immediately.

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