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Son of Trowbridgian: Relatives in the Town

The man who sent the fateful SOS wireless appeal for assistance - the Marconi Operator aboard the Titanic - is Mr. John George Phillips, son of Mr. G. A. Phillips, of Francombe, near Godalming, a native of Trowbridge. Mr. Phillips has two sisters living in the town - the Misses Phillips, of 31, Roundstone Street - who naturally are very anxious for news of their nephew and are hoping against hope.

Mr. J. G. Phillips was stated by an official of the Marconi Company to be one of their most trusted and efficient servants. . . . . His installation on the Titanic possessed a range of about 500 miles under all conditions. Usually, however, it would convey messages a greater distance..

His father was born in Trowbridge and served his apprenticeship to the drapers trade with Mr. Kemp in Roundstone Street. He has been residing away from the town for a number of years. Mr. J. G. Phillips is his only son, and joined the Marconi Company after having been a Post Office Telegraphist.

Miss Phillips, in the course of a talk with our representative at the home of her sister and herself in Roundstone Street, referred to the message which was supposed to have been sent by their nephew as follows:-

''Making slowly for Halifax, Practically unsinkable, don't worry.''

and said it was now believed to have been sent not from her nephew but from an uncle after making enquiries at the White Star office in London.

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