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To Dedicate Jack Philips Titanic Memorial Fountain May 12
At a meeting yesterday afternoon in the Maritime Exchange, 78 Broad Street, plans were completed for the dedication of the Jack Philips Titanic memorial fountain at the base of the tower of the United State Barge Office at 3 P. M. on May 12.

President McAneny of the Board of Aldermen, who will then be acting Mayor, will receive the memorial on behalf of the city. It consists of a cenotaph shaft 8 feet high with seats on each side and a fountain in the centre, all of granite, and a background of cypress trees.

Among the forty-one members of the committee in charge of the work are J. P. Morgan, David T. Warden, Dock Commissioner R. A. C. Smith, P. A. S. Franklin, H. B. Walker, H. H. Raymond, and William Simmons, President of the Maritime Exchange.

The funds to erect the Philips memorial were collected by the wireless operators on Atlantic and coastwise steamships on both oceans and amounted to more than $3,000. It is intended to have the names of all operators who have lost their lives while on duty inscribed on the cenotaph as a record of their bravery and to inspire others to emulate their example in the time of danger. The names that will be on the memorial when it is unveiled are:

George C. Eccels. Steamship Ohio, Aug. 26, 1909; Pacific Coast.

Stephen F. Sczepanek. Steamship Pere Marquette, Sept. 9, 1910; Lake Michigan.

Jack Philips. Steamship Titanic, April 15, 1912; Atlantic Coast.

Donald Campbell Perkins. Steamship State of California, Aug. 18, 1913; Pacific Coast.

Clifton J. Fleming and Harry Fred Otto. Steamship Francis H. Leggett, Sept 18, 1914; Pacific Coast.

Adolph J. Svenson, Steamship Hanalei, Nov. 23, 1914; Pacific Coast.

Ferdinand Kuehn. Steamship Monroe, Jan. 30, 1914; Atlantic Coast.

Walter E. Reker. Steamship Admiral Sampson, Aug. 25, 1914; Puget Sound.

Space is left for the addition of other names in the future.

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