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Miss Frances M. Ford of this town, who lost nine relatives in the wreck of the Titanic, including her mother, two brothers, two sisters, an uncle and an aunt, and their small children, is one of those to institute suit against the steamship company in the hope of securing heavy damages. Miss Ford is an English lassie of 19 and it is doubtful if the now historic wreck brought deeper sorrow to any person than to this little girl, who has bravely fought her battle with grief and just as bravely now faces and battles with life's varied problems.

Miss Ford came to this country two years ago and secured employment with a wealthy family on Long Island. Her glowing letters home of the wonderful opportunities on this die of the Atlantic decided her mother and she prepared to come with the rest of the family to join Frances. The decision was concurred in by her brother and family and together the two families started. A strike had started, however, and they were unable to embark upon the steamer they had planned and so decided to come across on the Titanic. When this great ship, wounded unto death off the bleak shores of Newfoundland, sank beneath the icy waves not one member of either of the families were among the saved. Miss Ford haunted the offices of the steamship company, the docks and the newspapers for days in hopes of securing some information regarding her relatives. As the days grew into weeks, however, she came to realize that it was useless and that her battle of life must be fought alone. A few months after the wreck, she went to Haverhill to live with Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Watson and when Mr. Watson came here to take charge of the laundry on Main st. Miss Ford also came here to live. Her lawyers are at present exerting their energies in her behalf and expect to secure a heavy recompense for her loss and its attendant grief.

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