Tragic death of Titanic chef

Bowerchalke Parish Papers

More tragic was the death of Tom Kerley a chef on the ill-fated Titanic. His parents who worked on the Elliott's farm were very proud of their smart and popular son and especially of his progress to the largest and most magnificent ship of its day. Kate Gulliver, who lived on the Chase remembers the terrible gloom that sinking cast over the whole country. At a memorial service for Tom in the Baptist Chapel his father asked for the boy's favourite hymn, 'Peace Perfect Peace' and wept throughout the singing of it.

[Tom Kerley's death was noted in the 24 April 1912 edition of the Parish Paper but a strange sequel was noted later:

A sad sequel to the tragic downing of young Tom Kerley in the ill-fated Titanic has come by the news of the unexpected recovery of his lifeless body floating in mid-ocean. It was noticed by a passing vessel homeward bound. With reverent care it was up lifted and after the Burial Service had been said once more committed to the deep to the grand and solemn music of the ever restless waves.]

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