Transcript of Letter by William Dickson Mackie

Margery Park Rd
Forest Gate


My Dear Sister
Just a line to let you know that I am still in the land of the living. You will see by the above address that I am at home. I left the “Olympic” last Thursday and am going to the new ship “Titanic” on the 25th as 4th Assistant Engineer £11-10sc a month so
that is not so bad and after I have done a trip or two in her I will see if I can get transfered to an Australian Ship. You will be pleased to here that Gran sailes for Australia on the 11th of April and is due in Sydney on the 30th of May. She is coming out on the S.S. Ballarat P&O company and has got a very good cabin.

I am pleased to say that I am in the best of health but been laid up at sea for ten day on our last trip. How are you keeping in the best of health I hope as Peg how is she give her a few kisses from uncle Bin. I was up at Fulham on Wednesday and they are all quite well and Gran is longing for the time to come for her to get away. They were telling me that Jim had started for Lot’s uncle in Melbourne and I wish him every success. How is Robert all right I hope. I suppose he hasn’t got a shore job yet. We met with an accident on our last passage home and had to go to Belfast for repairs and had a good time there. It is a very nice place. Well Edie I have very little news to give you. You might ask Willie if he got my letter from New York. Also Lizzie said she did not want the house as she is out of pocket over it which I explained in the letter.

Sallie Charlie Dad & Mick send there best love to you and Sallie says she will write next week. So with best love to Robert & my Peg.
and accept my very best to yourself

From your loving brother

P.S. we leave Southampton on the 10th of April
in the “Titanic”
From Bill

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