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Eastbound, St. John, New Brunswick to Liverpool. On 10 April reported heavy ice in the vicinity of an area that was later the disaster site.

Port of Registry: Glasgow
Flag of registry: British
Funnel: Red, narrow white band below white top
Company flag: Red-white-blue vertical stripes
Call letters: R N L C wireless letters M T N
Steel hull, one funnel, two masts, twin screws
Three decks, shelter deck, electric lights, wireless

Tonnages: gross 10, 576 net 6,802
Dimensions: length 500.6 feet width 59.2 ft.

1900 Built and engined by A. Stephens & Sons, Glasgow Yard No. 384

Engines: 2 triple expansion, 6 cylinders : (2) 27” 46”, (2) 76” x 54, stroke 16
Accommodation: First, 240, Second , 220, Third, 1,000

1900 17 Jan Launched
31 Mar Sea trials
5 Apr Maiden voyage Liverpool-Halifax-Portland, Maine
10 May First voyage Liverpool, Quebec-Montreal

1907-1913 Five charter voyages for Canadian Pacific, St. John, N.B.-Liverpool
1914 4 Sept Last voyage regular route, eastbound return as Canadian troop
1914-Nov.-1915- Feb. Accommodation ship for German POWs off Ryde, Isle of Wight.

1915 Trooping voyages to Bombay and Gallipoli.
1917 Apr Returned to Allan Line.
May 1920-Mar 1921 New boilers, oil fuel conversion, Cabin, 310, Third. 736
1922 16 Nov Renamed Marburn, Liverpool-St. John run.
1928 6 Apr Last voyage Antwerp-Southampton-St. John.
1928 9 May Laid up at Southampton.
1928 (Fall) Scrapped at Genoa

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