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Benjamin Peacock Learns They Are Still in England

A letter postmarked “Merton, county Surrey, England,” has brought some happiness to Benjamin Peacock, of 609 South Broad street, whose wife and two little children were lost with the steamer Titanic. The missive is from Peacock’s mother and tells of the safety of his two brothers, Robert and Ernest, who were thought to have been passengers on the wrecked vessel. They had intended to visit their brother in this city, but at the last moment changed their plans and decided to remain in England for a while longer.

Questions about the welfare of Peacock’s wife and children, which are a part of the letter, serve to open the recent wound and to bring back the realization of his loss. His mother evidently is unaware that her daughter-in-law and grandchildren were aboard the Titanic and is only anxious at not hearing from them.

Since the disaster Mr. Peacock has been unable to get any news of his wife. He talked with scores of survivors, among them several members of the crew with whom he was acquainted, but none remembered seeing Mrs. Peacock and her children.

Peacock has returned to his work with the Public Service Corporation in Cranford, having that interest in his work and time will partially obliterate his sorrow. He has relinquished all hope that his wife and babies might not have sailed on the ill-fated steamer.

Mrs. Peacock had never been in this country. Her husband came here about a year ago, hoping to make a home to which he could bring his family. Hard work and perseverance enabled him to save money enough to rent a little house and to pay his wife’s passage money. She must have received it a few days before the Titanic sailed. Her two children, Tresteal, 3 years old, and Albert Edward, 9 months old, accompanied her. Peacock had never seen his son.

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