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Among those reported saved from the wreck of the Titanic are Mrs. Bessie Watt and her daughter, Miss Bertha Watt, of London, England, who were expected to visit Arlington as guests of Mrs. Etta Moore, of 58 Pavonia avenue. They left home to join Mrs. Watt’s husband, an architect at Portland, Ore., to which city he went last fall from England.

Mrs. Watt is a sister of James Milne, of New York, who superintended the construction of the Kearny Town Hall two years ago, and who boarded at the time with Mrs. Moore. Mrs. Moore said today she had received word from Mr. Milne when arranging for the visit of his sister and niece, that he had learned that most of the survivors of the wreck were only scantily clothed, and that the officers of the Carpathia, which is on the way to New York with them, provided them with [several words illegible].

Mrs. Watt and her daughter expect to spend a week with Mrs. Moore, who will meet them at the Cunard dock on the arrival of the Carpathia.

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