Two West Hoboken Men Were Among Victims on Titanic

Hudson Dispatch

So far as can be learned two of the victims of the Titanic disaster lived in West Hoboken. They are John Ashby, father of Arthur Ashby, of 629 Traphagen street, and Albert Walker, father in law of Charles Robertson, proprietor of the Colonial Theatre on Demott street. As nothing has been heard from them and their names do not appear among those who were saved, it is generally accepted that they went down with the gigantic White Star liner.

Relatives of the two missing men have beseeched the offices of the White Star line in New York in quest of information as to their whereabouts but without success. They have practically abandoned all hope of their being saved. All the lifeboats of the Titanic have been accounted for and the passengers they contained were picked up by the crew of the steamship Carpathia and are now on their way to New York. They are expected to arrive on Friday. Ashby and Walker are not among them.

Ashby was a second cabin passenger on the Titanic. He went abroad several months ago to visit relatives in England and wrote his son that he intended to return on the Titanic and asked him to meet him on his arrival. Since then nothing has been heard from him. His name appears among the list of passengers who sailed on the ill-fated vessel.

Albert Walker, father-in-law of Chas. Robertson of the Colonial Theatre [sic, Ashby was the father-in-law], was another second cabin passenger on the same vessel. His name appears on the passenger list but it is not included among known [sic] to be rescued. He had been visiting in Europe several months for the benefit of his health and was returning home.

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