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Mr. Tyrell William Cavendish, the only son of the late Charles Tyrell Cavendish, who is the fiance of Miss Julie Siegel, is an Englishman of interest.  Very quietly Mr. and Mrs. Henry Siegel made the announcement of the engagement of Mr. Siegel's daugher to the young Britisher.  But he is a member of the family of which Lord Waterpark is the head, is a first cousin of Mr. Henry Cavendish and a relative of the Duke of Devonshire and the Cavendish-Bentincks, the English family adorned by the twin-sister of Mrs. Ogden Mills.  Both Mr. Siegel's daughter and the daughters of Mrs. Siegel have been educated abroad with great care, so this second international marriage in the family will find the young bride well prepared.  Mr. Siegel, who has a name for great kindness in all his vast business interests and of whom many pretty, grateful stories are told by even the humblest young women workers, was at first opposed to an engagement, but not to the young Englishman, as the extreme youth of his daughter was the only objection.

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