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A report is current here which is said to have emanated from the trading vessel Bruce, which is on the way to Sydney, C. B., giving a version of the Titanic disaster which the trader obtained from various ships.

This is to the effect that when the Titanic struck the berg she was going at the rate of eighteen knots an hour, and the impact almost rent the big vessel asunder.  Her decks, sides and bulkheads were smashed from bow to midships.  The bow and upper works were smashed to pieces.

Almost Turned Turtle

The ship struck the berg partly bow on, careening to the port side and almost turning turtle.

The bottom is supposed to have been torn out of the Titanic by submerged icebergs which she was passing over, as every compartment from midships forward was quickly flooded and the ship rapidly settled by the head, with a list to port, rolling heavily in the trough of the sea.

The force of the impact was so terrific that it practically rent the ship from stem to stern.  For a short while sufficient order was maintained to allow of the launching in safety of most of the lifeboats and embark about a thousand persons.

Rush for Lifeboats

Then a cry went up that the Titanic was sinking and the frenzied crowd rushed madly for the boats.  As the ship settled in the sea many of the boats were smashed to pieces in the davits and some were swamped while they were being launched.  The others went down with the ship.

By this time the ship was seen to be settling fast and the water had reached the engine room.  The wireless failed through the loss of the motor and all lights went out all over the ship.  This added to the gloom and the difficlity of handling the boats.

Chicago Tribune, Wednesday, April 17, 1912, p. 2, c. 3 [St. Johns, N. F., April 16---[Special]]

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