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Galesburg Republican Register

Frank Karun, a member of the Austrian immigrant colony in this city, will have some stirring things to tell when he returns to the city of the loss of the big steamship Titanic and his rescue later by the Carpathia . Just at present Mr. Karun is at the St. Vincent's Hospital in New York City recuperating from the nervous shock which the accident caused to all of the survivors. A message from the hospital, however, announces that he is saved and that his niece is also a survivor. A sister's husband, who was coming from Austria, went down with the ship. Karun and the little five year old niece, Anna Mary, caught first onto a floating board. They swam away from the ship as it was sinking. The child's father could not swim and he pleaded that his daughter be given a chance to survive. The little girl clung to the neck of her uncle as they made their way into the freezing sea. They were later pulled up on the life raft by others already there. According to the meagre information received by Galesburg relatives, Mr. Karun must have been a member of the little crew of thirty who caught the life raft constructed of canvas and cork which floated around in the icy water until the steamship Carpathia arrived. These men fought others away after the raft had her full quota and stood for five hours in the idy water knee-deep until daybreak and relief. The lower extremities were benumbed and one by one the men were falling from exhaustion when the relief came. One man went hysterical when the announcement was made that there was a steamer in the distance. So close were the thirty crowded together that they could scarcely move.

Besides the loss of his brother-in-law Kovac, Mr. Karun lost a trunk with $700, the profits of a sale of a family farm he had inheritied in Austria, and $250 in personal effects.

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