George Fox Hosking not saved

Newton Abbot Western Guardian

Captain and Mrs. Hosking of Shaldon have received a telegram from Mr. Bock, Captain Hosking’s cousin in America, who had travelled about 300 miles to meet Mr. George Fox Hosking, the Senior Third Engineer on the ‘Titanic’ who he was hoping would be among the survivors on board the ‘Carpathia’.
The telegram was handed in at New York at 3.45 and ran as follows, ‘Went on board ‘Carpathia’. Saw Officer of ‘Titanic’ and Captain of ‘Carpathia’ who told me there were no engineers saved. Mourn with you. Bock.'
Mr G F Hosking leaves a widow and three children who reside at Itchen, Southampton. He was formerly on the ‘Olympic’ and had been with the White Star Line over 10 years.

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