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Sculptor Engaged to Miss Ellen A. Ryerson of Chicago
Special to The New York Times

CHICAGO, Dec. 23---Mrs. Arthur Ryerson of 2,700 Lakeview Avenue announced yesterday the engagement of her third daughter, Miss Ellen A. Ryerson, to Victor A. Salvatore, a sculptor of Macdougal Alley, New York City. Miss Ryerson first met Mr. Salvatore at Hyde Hall, the Summer home of her sister, Mrs. George Hyde, at Cooperstown, N. Y., where he was making busts of the Hyde children. Mrs. Ryerson gave a large luncheon today for her daughter and Mr. Salvatore, the latter being here over the holidays, and it is understood that the marriage will take place early in the new year.

Mrs. Ryerson and her daughters are well known in New York and Newport. Mr. Salvatore's statue "The Female of the Species" illustrating Kipling’s verses of that name, and his "Polo Players," one of his decorations at the Vanderbilt Hotel, have attracted much attention.

[Note: Ellen, daughter of Arthur and Emily Ryerson did not travel with them on the Titanic]

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