Van Billiard (Red Cross)

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''The husband and two sons, aged eleven and nine years, were drowned. The family had resided in South Africa, where the man owned a part of a diamond claim, but he had sold his share of the business and was expecting to locate permanently in the United States, near his brothers. The wife, 36 years old, and four younger children, ranging in age from eight years to two months, remained with her parents in England, owing to an illness which continued for many months. Upon her recovery in February, 1913, she and her children came to live in this country. The English committee, after it was known that the family would come here, granted 170 pounds and discontinued pension payments. The husband had only burial insurance. Upon his body, which was recovered, were 12 small uncut diamonds, and there were two larger diamonds held by a bank in this country, to secure a loan of 734.28 dollars. The diamonds were sold for 1,372.18, net. After the arrival of the widow in this country she received from American relief funds, other than that of the Red Cross Committee, the sum of 2,700 dollars. (500 dollars).


Those family members who were not on board were:

Richard, born 19 Nov 1909, died 1 March, 1988, in Florida

Donald, born 2 June, 1907, died in April, 1977, in Pennsylvania

George Austin, born 28 Feb 1912, died in October, 1977, in Penns.

Dorothy Jane, born in 1905 who apparently passed away as a Mrs. Bell in 1960

Maude Helene Murray van Billiard (the widow), 13 April 1873 - 17 Jan 1968

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