Vanderbilts' Close Call

New York Tribune

Cancelled Passage on Titanic at Insistence of Mrs. Dresser

By Telegraph to The Tribune

Asheville, N.C., April 29. -  Mr. and Mrs. George W. Vanderbilt escaped death or the hazard of life on the Titanic because they heeded the request of Mrs. Vanderbilt's mother, Mrs. Dresser, not to sail on any ship making its first voyage.

The Vanderbilts had engaged rooms on the Titanic, and had sent part of their baggage on board in charge of their footman Frederick Wheeler, when Mrs Dresser was informed of their plans, she declared that an untried ship was dangerous, and was so insistent that the Vanderbilts cancelled their booking and came over on another ship.

Wheeler remained on the Titanic and was lost.

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