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Seventh Regiment Men Attend Memorial Services
Memorial services were held yesterday afternoon by the veterans of the Seventh Regiment, N. G. N. Y., in St. Thomas's Church. The Rev. Claudius M. Roome preached the memorial sermon. Mr. Roome said that the purposes of the organization were to look after the widows and children of deceased members, for social intercourse, and to hold memorial services for the dead.

"Not many decades ago religion taught personal salvation," he said. "Now the instinct to do and suffer for others lies uppermost. This was nobly shown in the splendid self-sacrifices on the Titanic, in which one of the most esteemed members of our brotherhood lost his life---N. Wyckoff Vanderhoef.

"This is a day of great social unrest. Commercialism is departing, losing its sway. An adjustment is coming between man and man. The world will not stand still. If those who have wealth and power, or if those who are seeking to wrest it from them remain selfish, conflict will ensue."

More than fifty members died in the last year. At the close of the ceremony the regimental bugler sounded "taps."

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