Victim of Titanic Disaster, Believed Lost, May Be Alive

Milwaukee Journal

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Montreal, Que.—(AP)—A Montreal family was stirred Wednesday by the prospect that Lorraine Allison, long believed to have been drowned in the Titanic disaster of 1912, still is alive and living in Berkley, Mich., as Mrs. Lawrence Kramer.

The family is that of Mrs. G. B. Allison, sister-in-law of Hudson J. Allison, Montreal financier who was drowned with his wife when the Titanic went down 28 years ago.

Also presumed to have been lost was Lorraine, the Allisons’ daughter who was 3 at the time.  After the sinking, Allison’s body was recovered, but those of his wife and child never were found.

The prospect that Lorraine still lived arose with a Washington report that Mrs. Kramer advised the United States department of justice that she had just learned her name was Allison and that she had been rescued from the Titanic by an Englishman named Hyde.

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