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Vulcan struggling to pull the stern of the New York (left) away from Titanic's port side (Eaton-Haas Collection)


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One of two tugs that threw lines aboard New York, keeping her from striking Titanic as the latter, while leaving the dock at Southampton, pulled the New York toward her.

Port of registry: Southampton
Flag of registry: British
Funnel: Red with black top
Company flag: Divided by crossed lines into four equal triangles Blue at hoist, white at top, green at fly, red at bottom
Signal letters: S P H C
Steel hull, one funnel, two screws, one deck
Engines: triple expansion, 6 cyl. 2 each: 15”, 24” 39” x 28” stroke, 1,200 h.p.
Tonnages: Gross 288 Underdeck 239
Dimensions: Length 120.0 ft. Width 25.1 ft. Depth 11.8 ft.

1893: Built and engineered by Barclay, Curle, & Co., Ltd. Glasgow, yard no. 383
1893: Mar. 4 Launched
1911: Sept. 20 Southampton: Assisted Olympic after collision with cruiser Hawke in the Solent
1916-18: Worked war cargo at French ports, returned to service after war
1927: Scrapped at Milford Haven

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This item first appeared in Voyage, Journal of the Titanic International Society.

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