W. B. Silvey's Daughter Tries to Encourage Her Grieving Grandmother

Washington Times

"Daddy may be safe aboard some ship." This little ray of hope, coming in a letter from Miss Melville Silvey, the seventeen-year-old daughter of William B. Silvey, who is believed lost in the Titanic disaster, was extended today to Mrs. William Beard Silvey, the aged mother of the passenger believed among the missing. Mrs. Silvey, at her apartments in the Wilmington, on Wyoming avenue northwest, is prostrated with grief.

"I have about given up hope,” sobbed Mrs. Silvey today. But she still clings to the faint chance that her son may be aboard some ship.

Mr. Silvey's daughter, who is a student at Farmington, Conn., was in New York to meet her parents, were on board the Titanic. Knowing that her grandmother was greatly distressed over the safety of her son, the girl wrote a short letter which reached the Silvey apartments this morning.

Mrs. Frances Silvey Deshler, sister of Mr. Silvey, leaves for New York tonight to meet the Carpathia. Mrs. Silvey, among the rescued, probably will return to Washington with Mrs. Deshler.

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