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WALTER JAMES BROWN was 39 [sic] years old when he joined the crew of the Titanic as a First Class Saloon Steward. Before joining The White Star Lines, Brown worked for his older brother, William, in his grocery store on Moor Street in Ormskirk. Walter also painted ceramics and porcelain for Royal Doulton (a vase which he painted as a christening present is still in the family). Having just transferred over from the Olympic, Brown was working his way across to America to pay for his passage. Sadly, he did not survive.

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  1. john orford said:

    he was my great uncle his brother was sent to boston in America he was sent out of the country by his family the maid in the shop in moor street ormskirk was having a baby by the brother sent to America he would have been my great grandfather he had a son he was brought up with his grandparents called orford that why walter willam brown was going to America to see him

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