Walter M. Clark a Passenger

The San Francisco Call

Walter M. Clark of Los Angeles, son of J. Ross Clark, the railroad official of that city and a well known figure in San Francisco as well as in the southern metropolis, was a passenger on the Titanic and supposedly is among those lost.

Walter Clark was the favorite nephew of former Senator William A. Clark, the multimillionaire Montana copper magnate, and a first cousin of the latter's
son, Charles Clark of San Mateo. He was often with his cousin in San Mateo and San Francisco and has many intimate friends here.

Charles Clark hurried to San Francisco yesterday afternoon upon learning from the later reports that the disaster was a much greater tragedy than was
at first believed and made frantic inquiries for the latest and most reliable news. When he learned that his cousin was among those probably lost he broke down completely and wept.

Young Clark is extremely popular in the social and business life of Los Angeles.

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