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Walter Porter Among Those on Titanic

Miss. Carrie Endres Sister of Worcester Man Also on Board Lost Liner

Worcester Telegram

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Miss. Carrie Endres Sister of Worcester Man Also on Board Lost Liner

When The Telegram informed Mrs. Albert J. Gifford, 9 King street last night that the 318(?) saloon passengers on the wrecked Titanic had been reported saved and would arrive in New York Friday morning on the Carpathia, she breathed a prayer of thankfulness for her brother, Walter Chamberlain Porter was among them.

Mrs. Porter is senior member of the Samuel Porter & Co. last manufacturing firm, 25 Union street. He has been on a three months business and pleasure trip through Europe, and was returning on the ill-fated Titanic.

Mr. Porter's partner, W. E. Bigelow, 17 Westland street and Mr. Porter's family at 10 Lenox street, were on the anxious list yesterday, and were kept in constant touch with the news by The Telegram, last night. They were greatly relieved when informed of the safety of Mr. Porter and the other saloon passengers but later news was less reassuring.

When Mrs. Gifford learned of the disaster, she was overcome.

The report early in the night that the liner had gone down with 1600 on board was disturbing, and she was filled with fears for the safety of her brother, but later reports gave her hope and confidence she will receive word from him as soon as the Carpathia reaches New York.

Worcester steamship agencies were stormed with inquiries all through the day for information regarding the wreck and telephones in The Telegram office were rung repeatedly up to a late hour last night by persons who were interested in the fate of the passengers on the sunken ship.

F.J. Endres, a member of The Telegram's composing force was on the anxious list until he received word that the saloon passengers had been saved. His sister, Miss. Carrie Endres, New York, is travelling with Col. and Mrs. John Jacob Astor as a nurse.

Mr. Endres said last night, "My sister sailed in February from New York on the Olympic, the sister ship of the Titanic.

"I accompianed her on board the Olympic when she was about to sail. This makes the seventh trip she has made across the Atlantic. She accompanied the Astors to Egypt and the river Nile. I was impressed with the size of the Olympic and my sister wrote me that though the weather was rough on the trip across, the vessel rode the waves as steadily as though the sea was smooth."

"I could not sleep at all last night, but I feel relieved to hear that the saloon passengers have been saved for she was among them. If she is I will hear from her upon her arrival in New York."

William T. Sleeper, another of the passengers, is believed to be a former Worcester man, son of the late Rev. William T. Sleeper, who was in Worcester for a time. He has a sister, Mrs. Mary Sleeper-Ruggles of Auburndale, who comes to Worcester occasionally to teach music.

P.W.White, Brunswick, Me, is a cousin of J.N.White of Holyoke Machine Co. Mr. White was accompanied by his son, Richard, and they are reported among the saloon passengers on the Titanic.

Konstantinos Kalis and Panagiatis Stefana, two former Worcester men, who were returning from a trip to Greece, their native land, are believed by Andrew Bell of Bell Bros., to be among those lost on the Titanic. Mr. Bell received orders from them for prepaid tickets about the middle of February, and their tickets were forwarded to their address in Greece.

He said last night:" These two men have sailed from Piraeus(?) in Greece to ?????? in Italy, from where they would go by rail through France, to Calais, land ?????? to Southhampton. They are White star line passengers and their connections would bring them to Calafs(?) for the Titanic, on which they had passage. If so many lives have been lost, I am afraid they are among them."

Kalis was a candymaker and Stefanna was planning to engage in the florist business in which he has much experience, both in New York and in Athens.


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