West Bromwich Men Missing

Among the passengers were the following West Bromwich people, who were on their way to America: Alfred Davies (24), of Harwood Street, West Bromwich: John Davies (22), of the same address; Joseph Davies (17) of the same address; James Lester (39) of the same address. The three Davies's were brothers and Lester was their uncle.

Lester is a galvaniser at the Ironworks of Messrs. Adams, at Ettingshall, Wolverhampton, his wife being a sister to Mrs. Davies senr. All four of them booked passages on board the Titanic with Messrs John Green and Son of Carters Green, and as soon as news of the disaster reached England, great fears were entertained as to their safety. The daily papers containing the lists of the passengers were eagerly purchased, but the anxious parents could learn nothing as to the fate of their sons. Enquiries were made at Messrs. Green's offices but no information had been received there, and as time went by they gradually began to give up hopes.

[The Free Press (West Bromwich)]

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