White Star Officers' Pay and Conditions Improved



The Imperial Merchant Service Guild is officially informed by the White Star Line of substantial improvements in the pay and general conditions of the officers of the fleet, which will take effect in the case of all steamers leaving on and after May 1.
All the officers will then be granted increased pay,
in many cases to the extent of £3 to £4 per month.
A special system of annual leave for all the commanders and officers is to be arranged as soon as possible, and officers will be given an annual holiday extending to three weeks, two of which will be made continuous, whenever circumstances will admit of it. Officers' Royal Navy Reserve drill will not be
counted as holidays.
The officers will not, as hitherto, be required to undergo the sight tests at the Board of Trade, but will be examined by the company's own doctor.
Considerable improvements are to be inaugurated as regards watch-keeping, and as soon as the company can arrange it, all officers throughout the company will be put on three watches, and in a large number of ships an additional officer will
be carried in order that this may be done.
This eventually will lead to the entire abolition of the two-watch system in the White Star Line.
Improved conditions are also to be instituted in connection with the messing of the officers, who in the first-class passenger steamers will fare according to the first-class menu, the daily messing in this way to be arranged by one officer of
each ship deputed by his brother officers for the purpose.
In the second and third class passenger vessels and cargo steamers an improved scheme is to come into force providing for special fare in the case of commanders and officers.
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Senan Molony

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