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BELFAST BORN FILM PRODUCER William MacQuitty arrived in Northern Inland to-day carrying in his pocket a silver purse containing a single cent. Sent to him by an old Belfast seafarer. Joe Mulholland, it is a reminder of the sinking of the Titanic.

Mr. MacQuitty said this morning: hope that I may still be able to find who the owner was." But 74-year-old former square rigger Mr. Mulholland who, by a freak of fortune, missed sailing in the Titanic, was not able to meet Rank-producer Mr. MacQuitty. He is ill in hospital. Had the two got talking Mr. Mulholland could have told how he was hired as a leading fireman during the Titanic's trials and on her run to Southampton. There he had a dispute with one of the officers and left the ship.


Only his argument saved Joe from almost certain death on Titanic's ill-fated maiden run; for most of the stokers aboard lost their lives when the ship struck an Ice-berg and sank.

But Mr. Mulholland get the purse later when he met a termer shipmate—also a Belfastman—on the River Plate. He had been one of the few to be saved from the Titanic

The purse—originally containing a ring and brooch—was lying in the bow of his life-boat He bought it as a memento and later sent it to Mr. MacQuitty as a gift when the Rank Organisation began filming "A Night to Remember."

The film Is to have its Northern Ireland premiere on October 27 in the Royal Hippodrome when it will be seen by the Governor and Lady Wakehurst. Mr. MacQuitty said to-day that it was planned to have a number of survivors and men who helped build the Titanic at the screening. 

Ulster actor Richard Hayward ha. a part in "A Night to Remember" along with a number of other Ulster people. Mr. McQuitty described the film as one of the costliest of Rank productions: the final figure was over £500.000. 

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