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Youth Who Says She Saved Him on the Titanic Stranded
PITTSBURG, July 28---Harry Miller, 17 years old, who says he was rescued by
Mrs. John Jacob Astor after the Titanic sank with all the other members of
his family, arrived in Pittsburg stranded yesterday.

Mrs. Harry Reel, a charity worker, sent him to New York, where he will ask
Mrs. Astor's aid in proceeding against the White Star Line.

Young Miller, who says he is a son of a specialist of Warsaw, Russia, jumped
from the Titanic to an ice floe, he says, holding his baby sister. Then he
slipped into the water, the baby being drowned.

He was pulled into a boat by a woman who, he found out afterward, was Mrs.
Astor. He says he has been a victim of sharks since his arrival in this

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