Bride of Few Weeks is Forgotten But Will Seek Her Share

The Evening News (Wilkes-Barre)

Bride of Few Weeks is Forgotten But Will Seek Her Share

The will of one of the Titanic disaster victims, Anthony Yasbeck, of this city, was probated in the office of Register of Wills C. J. Gallagher in the court house today and tells the tale of a romance that was brought to a sudden close. The property of Yasbeck was left to his brother John of this city. The amount is about $2000.

The will is to be taken into court on the right of the man's widow, his bride, who lost him when the great boat sank.

Yasbeck came to this country several years ago to make his fortune. He soon drifted into this county and became industrious and made enough money to buy a house in the Rollin Mill Hill section. When he had it paid for, furnished and a little more in addition, he decided that he would go back to his old home for the sweetheart of his younger days. He started to this country with his bride on the ill-fated ship, and with the other heroes he went down while his wife of but a few days was saved.

The will he made was before his marriage and he had no time to change it. The bride was served notice that her claim is to be put in, and her rights to her share asked.

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