Gen. Gill to Give Him a Fine Maryland Dinner To-night
Special to The New York Times
BALTIMORE, Md., Jan 14---Gen. John Gill, while returning from Europe in
company with J. Pierpont Morgan last Summer, made a wager with the New York
financier on the number of miles logged one day by the Majestic.  If Mr.
Morgan lost he was to give Gen. Gill a dinner at his home in New York.  If
Gen. Gill lost he was to give Mr. Morgan a dinner at his Baltimore home when
the canvas-back duck, the terrapin, the oysters, and other good things of
Maryland were at their best.  Gen. Gill lost.

Mr. Morgan named to-morrow as the date for the feast.  The dinner party will
include James T. Woodward, Hanover National Bank; Col. Osmun Latrobe, W.
Watts Sherman and E. R. Bacon of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, all of New
York;  W. W. Finley, President of the Southern Railway Company; John B.
Thayer, Vice President of the Pennsylvania Railroad, and Bayard Henry of

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