William and Florence Angle (Red Cross)

The husband was drowned. He was returning with his wife from a visit to her family in England. There are no children. He was a tile setter by trade and had lived in this country five years. The wife, a nurse, by training, thirty-five years of age, is in frail health. A physician's examination showed a marked tendency towards tuberculosis, due to attacks of pleurisy. The exposure at the time of the wreck aggravated this condition. She obtained temporary employment as housekeeper. Early in the summer, in accord with the recommendation of the physician, who did not consider sanatorium treatment necessary, the Committe arranged for her to spend the summer in the country.

She returned much benefited (sic) and, upon the urgent request of her mother who is ill, went to England for a visit. She plans, upon her return to this country, to get employment as a nurse for a tubercular patient, in order that she may continue the cure for herself while earning her living. There are no relatives from whom she can expect assistance. Her property, loss of clothing, money, and jewelry, was large. She received from relief sources other than the Red Cross, 817.49 dollars and clothing. (2,400 dollars)

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