William Carter's Account

Evening Telegram

William E. Carter, when Mr. Ismay's statement was shown to him, corroborated the White Star line official. Mr. Carter said: –

"The statements which have been made by many persons regarding Mr. Ismay's conduct are an injustice to him. While the lifeboat containing myself and Mr. Ismay was moving away from the Titanic Mr. Ismay rowed with two seamen and myself until we sighted the Carpathia. The women and children that were in the boat were from the steerage. I suppose there were about forty of them. Mr. Ismay and myself and several of the officers walked up and down the deck crying, 'Are there any more women here? We called for several minutes and got no answer. One of the officers then declared that if we wished to we could get into the boat if we took the place of seamen. He gave us this preference because we were among the first cabin passengers.

Mr. Ismay called again and after we got no reply we got into the lifeboat. We took the oars and rowed with the two seamen. We were about a mile away from the Titanic when she went down. It seemed to me that it was less than half an hour. All the women were clad in thin clothes, while I was in evening clothes, without a hat, and had a pair of slippers. I looked around just as the Titanic went down, being attracted by the explosions. Mr. Ismay did not turn and look, but instead was very quiet, pulling on the oars.

I desire to correct what has been said about him. He was perfectly cool and collected and aided a great deal in keeping the women from the steerage quiet."

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