William Dickson Mackie's family and the Mansion House Titanic Relief Fund

William Dickson Mackie married Annie Thompson Anderson, in the West Ham district in 1903.  Annie died on 2nd November 1911, aged 31.  Her death was registered in Southampton.

When William joined the Titanic, his last residence was 2b Margery Park Road, Forest Gate, Essex.  The 1901 census recorded the following people living at this address:

Robert Mackie, 50, head, marine engineer (unemployed), born Scotland Agnes Mackie, 49, wife, born Scotland
Sarah Mackie, 19, daughter, single, born Poplar, London 

The death of an Agnes Mackie, aged 59, was registered in Whitechapel, London in 1910.

The 1913 scheme for the administration and application of the Mansion House Titanic Relief Fund, includes a list of dependants of members of the crew.  Among the Class “C” dependants was:

169           Mackie, Robert Smith            Relationship to deceased: father

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