William Greenfields Account

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William was involved in his Father's fur business and sailed to Russia once a year to purchase pelts. Blanche went with him this time to buy silk in Paris for the linings of the coats. William met his Mother in Paris and they chose to return home on the brand new Titanic.

On the night of the sinking William was playing cards with his newly made friends in the saloon when they felt a bump and heard a scraping noise. A Steward told them to get on deck so William went to fetch his Mother but before he and his friend took an Ace card and left with the promise to see each other the next night. William told Blanche to get into a boat and being an "Old sea dog" she trusted him. When the boat needed rowing help a crewman told William he may board because of his seafaring background. Blanche's hearing was damaged by the roar of dying plunged into the water and had to wear a hearing aid in later life.

Whilst on Carpathia William threw his lifebelt and Ace card into the sea. 

Blanche avoided talking about the Titanic in later life and William only talked about it once with Nell and commented he was more disturbed by the barks and cries from the dogs than the cries of the people.

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Courtesy of Ms. Nell Greenfield


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