William Lindsay

Unidentified Newspaper

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William Lindsay was one of the few saved from the Titanic on which he was a dynamo attendant. William Lindsay says he feels too upset to write much and his brother here hopes to hear more from him within a couple of weeks. The survivor of the great catastrophe sailed Saturday on the Lapland for his home at Southampton, England, where an anxious wife and mother await him. Mr. Lindsay does not know whether his wife and mother are aware of the fact that he is living although he was told the steamship company cabled them the news. The letter received by Mr. J. R. Lindsay in part is as follows:

I expect you have heard before now about the Titanic going down, but thank God we got picked up all right. I don't know how mother and wife feel about it, but I do hope that they have heard by now that we are safe, what few there are of us. There were about 60 firemen and trimmers saved out of 400. Stewart Palmer and Charles Newman were drowned. Fred Palmer was saved. He picked us up in his boat. I was on the ship till the water came up to the funnel and got away on a raft. There were 39 of us on it. Oh, but the sight was awful. I shall never forget it, for she broke in three pieces. I only hope that the wife and mother know by now, for the company sent a cable for us. They ought to get that Saturday. Well, Jack, I feel too upset to write more, so will close. Write home as soon as you can.

William Lindsay has been on the seas probably eight years and was on the Olympic when his local brother heard from him before the disaster. His brother did not know he was on the Titanic.

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