Letter from William J. Mellors to his mother - Queenstown

Letter written on RMS Titanic notepaper from second class passenger William J. Mellors to his mother

April 11th, 1912

Dear Mother,

Just a line to let you know that I am quite safe and happy. I am enjoying this trip immensley [sic] & am now looking forward to see the coast of old Ireland. They say we shall have some fun at Queenstown for as soon as we arrive the people flock out in skiffs and sell their goods. I am having plenty to eat & have only to press a button & up comes a steward ready to do anything I wish. This morning the steward of my room came in & asked if I wanted my breakfast in bed, so I said no but I should like a cup of ---- & before you could count twenty he had put it by my side & at the same time putting my boots (nicely cleaned) down by my trunk. I have asked my table steward to save me a set of menu’s [sic]. So you will be able to see how we live yourself. I have enclosed my breakfast menu & we may have just what we like & else have the whole lot if we choose. We are having glorious weather & the sun is shining most magnifiscently [sic]. Well dear mother I hope everyone at home is in good health & that things are quite allright [sic]. Don’t forget to send that boy’s address if not go round & see the gentleman for me will you. Give my love to all at home & tell them I shall write more letters when I get to the other side. I must now close with fondest love from

Your loving Son


P.S. Thank Arthur very much for the telegram & tell him I shall not forget his kindness. I hope you & Kate enjoyed yourselves last night.

Can’t you see the ship rolling look at this writing.


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