Letter from William J. Mellors to his mother - Southampton

Letter written on RMS Titanic notepaper from second class passenger William J. Mellors to his mother

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April 10, 1912

Dear Mother,

I am glad to say I arrived at Southampton quite safe & in good time. I was so sorry when I got to Southampton that Dad did not come down because it was well worth the fare to look over it. Well everything is so grand that I cannot express my feelings in words. I hope you all arrived at home safely. Now mother I hope you will not worry over me as I am sure I shall arrive in New York quite safe & then I shall get on. You must think of me coming back in two or three years time with a good bit of money in my pocket, not as if I was going away for good. I have not felt anything of seasickness yet, so perhaps I shall not have to hang over the side after all. We have passed Portsmouth & Isle of Wight & are on our way to “Cherbourg” in France & we expect to reach “Queenstown” about 10 o’clock Thursday morning. We can see nothing but water on either side of us but looming up ahead of us is the coast of France. Now dear mother if ever you are in need of anything when I get out to New York don’t forget to let me know at once. For it won’t do for me to find out you have been in need of anything & did not let me know. Tell Arthur & Mr. Daniels I will do what I promised as soon as I land & thank them very much for their kindness. Tell Dad not to forget what I told [him] just before the train left. Well dear mother give my love to the children & give my kind regards to Fred. I must now close with love to all.

From your

Loving Son


P.S. Look after Kate won’t you mother.

Good-bye Don’t forget that address


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