Letter from William Mellors to his mother - Richmond County Club

Letter from William Mellors to his mother  - Richmond County Club
New York Monday 22/4/12

c/o Mr. Hale
Richmond County Club
Dongan Hills
Staten Island N.Y.

Dear Mother,

Just a line to let you know I am getting along much better. I have not recovered yet from my awful experience on the Titanic. But I will not say anything about it until I feel better. I might say I was on the boat when she went down & in fact I went down with the bows but when she rebounded I was blown by the explosion some great distance from the ship & I think it must have been that which stopped me from being drawn down by the suction. But let it be enough to say I was one of the only ten or twelve survivors who remained on the ship & was immersed in water with a temperature of about 31 degrees for six whole hours. But we must thank God I am still alive. I might tell you that all I had belonging to me except for my clothes that is (my grey suit) went down with the boat. I have just a bit of news to tell & that is tell Arthur & Mr. Daniels not to worry about what I promised for they shall have their money next mail. It has cost heaps of money to buy me new clothes again. Dear Mother so sorry cannot write more as the mail is going out. Do not worry over me for you [know] I shall get on.

Goodbye for present

From your loving Son,


P.S. Excouse [sic] scribble as my nerves are shattered.

With love to all

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