Wills for Probate (1)

New York Times

WHITE, ELLA HOLMES (Jan. 31). Estate,more than $10,000. To C. Helene Berkeley, 509 W. 122d St., $10,000 and personalty; Ella B. Putnam, 10 Beekman Pl., $10,,000; Marie G. Young, Plaza Hotel, personal effects and life estate in a trust to yield $250 per month for life; Edith Furbush, 20 Carlton St.; Mildred Holme Durand, niece, 1010 5th Ave., $5,000 each;

Natalie March Campbell, 380 Scotland Rd., South Orange, N. J., and Dorothy March Halsey, niece, 250 Irving Ave., South Orange, N. J., $5,000 and remainder interests each; Samuel Mansfield, 90 Middle St., Gloucester, Mass., and William Diefenbach, 25-30 40th Rd., Astoria, L. I., $1,000 each; eight other bequests. Belle Holmes March, sister, executrix, 380 Scotland Rd., South Orange, N. J., personal effects and residue. Albert Stickney, 130 E. 67th St., executor.

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