Window from the First Class Dining Room

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Did you know... ...that a window from the First Class Dining Room lies almost entirely intact next to the bow section of Titanic? The First Class Dining Saloon was the biggest room aboard Titanic.  It was located on D Deck, measuring 114 feet long and 92 feet wide. The Dining Room could seat 554 First Class passengers, set at 115 tables for 2 to 12 people.  The Dining Room was decorated in wooden panelling, painted white, and the floors were covered in blue linoleum tiles, featuring an elaborate red and yellow pattern. The room's portholes were elegantly concealed by inner leaded-glass windows, giving passengers the impression that they were eating onshore instead of at sea. In 2010, an expedition to the wreck to Titanic filmed one of these windows. Despite the sinking, and the final breakup of Titanic being very rough, it is amazing that the glass is still intact despite its fall, thus making it a silent remind of the luxury the Titanic once was. Picture of Olympic: Public domain  Picture of the wreck: The Telegraph

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