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Among those well known in this city and suburbs whose name has been flashed as among the rescued from the Titanic, is Charles Melville Hays, president of the Grand Trunk and the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway companies, of Canada, of Canada, a nephew of former Senator James L. Hays. A sister, Miss Mary A. Hays, who was on the verge of prostration at the home of a friend, Cyrus Walker, of Lorraine avenue, Upper Montclair, was informed of the good report by the News, and is awaiting direct word from her brother.

In the Hays party aboard the Titanic were Mr. and Mrs. Thornton Davidson, Mr. Hays’s son-in-law and daughter, and a maid.

Mr. Hays has been considered one of the greatest railway executives of the day. He was a “self-made” man, and gained his position at the head of the Grand Trunk lines by steady and consistent promotion. He was born in Rock Island, Ill., May 16, 1856, and, when seventeen years old, had completed his education.

The most notable achievement in the long list attributed to Mr. Hays was his conception of the Grand Trunk Pacific railway scheme, which, on completion, will comprise the only all Canadian right of way transcontinental railway. It will run from Moncton, N. B., to Prince Rupert, B. C., about 3,000 miles.

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