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World’s Largest Vessel Founders on Her Maiden Voyage

Loss of Life is Estimated at Eighteen Hundred

The Globe

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Titanic Goes Down in the Early Morning Before Vessels Summoned to Her Rescue by Wireless Arrive on the Scene

Women and Children Constitute Majority of Those Saved

First Cabin Passengers Probably Rescued.

A message from the steamer Olympic reporting the sinking of the Titanic and the rescue of 675 survivors, which reached here late to-night, expressed the opinion that 1,800 lives were lost.

“Loss likely to total 1,800 souls,” the despatch read in its concluding sentence.

It is hoped and believed here that this is an error, unless the Titanic had more passengers on board than were reported. The list as given out showed 1,310 passengers and a crew of 860, or 2,170 persons in all. Deducting 675, the known saved, would indicate a loss of 1,495 persons.

The Olympic’s despatch follows:---

"Carpathia reached Titanic position at daybreak. Found boats and wreckage only. Titanic sank about 2:20 a.m., in 41.16 N., 50.14 W. All her boats accounted for, containing about 675 souls saved, crew and passengers included. Nearly all saved were women and children. Leyland liner Californian remained and searching exact position of disaster. Loss likely to total 1,800 souls.”

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