The Wreck of the Titanic by Jeanette Forrest

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A Descriptive Piano Composition

Word and Music by Jeanette Forrest
Published 1912 by Frank K. Root & Co. Chicago : New York

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The Wreck of the Titanic

Jeanette Forrest

"All aboard"

Boat Whistle

The voyage begins
"A Life on the Ocean Wave"
A Two-Step by Starlight
Everybody happy and care-free
The last "Good-night" as passengers separate until morning.

Good night; may God protect us
As o'er the wave we glide;
The stars are shining brightly,
No evil can betide.
O may you slumber sweetly
Until the morning light;
Our voyage will soon be over,
Good night my love, good night.


"What is the matter"

Crash! Crash!

The iceberg is discovered.
Whistle sounds the alarm
All rushing to the deck
The awful truth is realized
Women and children escape while men and band render
"Nearer my God to Thee" as the big ship sinks
Music grows fainter and fainter


(Instrumental midi)

Source material, Transcription and Midi Preparation
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