Increasing Profanity Among Boys [Letter to the Editor]

New York Times

To the Editor of The New York Times:

Of late we see accounts both in the United States and Canada calling attention to how profane and bad language is increasing among the boys. The truth of this cannot be denied by any one who happens to come in contact with the groups of boys who congregate in public places and on the streets. This is really a sad state of affairs, as if such a low and demoralizing habit is to be allowed to continue and become a fixed one among the coming youths, it cannot do otherwise than eventually lead us to become a very irreverent and disrespectful race. Blasphemous and other degrading language has become very common, not only among the lower classes, but also among those in the higher walks of life. It has been stated that the schools might assist greatly in checking this evil among the children. But I do not think they can accomplish very much without profanity being discontinued by the older people and by their parents in their homes.


Halifax, N. S., June 26, 1909

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