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Two survivors from the wreck of the Titanic, Mrs. Bessie Watt and her daughter, Miss Bertha Watt, of London, who are expected to arrive at Arlington Thursday and spend a week with Mrs. Rita Moore, of 58 Pavonia avenue, are temporarily at 204 West 128th street, New York, according to a letter received today by Mrs. Moore from James Milne, brother of Mrs. Watt.

Mr. Milne wrote that an English girl who was in the same lifeboat with his sister and niece is with them. The women are in good health, he wrote. Their dresses, he said, consisted of blankets, “cut to fit the figure very crudely.” He wrote that none of them had on shoes when placed in the lifeboat. Mr. Milne says “the story my sister tells is horrible and shows negligence which is more than criminal.”

Mrs. Moore said she expected her English visitors tonight or tomorrow. After their Arlington visit Mrs. Watt and her daughter will go to Portland, Ore., where Mr. Watt is employed.

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